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Understanding the Psychology Behind Love For The Black Friday

Love For The Black Friday
The main reason why people love Black Friday is simple. You can score a great deal on anything which you want for the holidays and save a huge amount of money.
However, psychologists have found many other factors which drive millions of people to the stores every year. It is really interesting to see what the deeper levels of the mind reveal.

Relaxation and Happiness
People feel relieved when they finally hit the store and score the deal which they have been dreaming of. During the days before Black Friday tension builds up and the shoppers feel very anxious.
Many do not get any sleep. When they finally achieve the set goal, they get to feel calm and happy. They can focus on the other aspects of the holiday season knowing that they are done with buying the gifts.
The Social Factor
One of the most surprising aspects of the psychology behind love for the Black Friday is the pleasure which shoppers experience from becoming part of the crowd and socializing with the others on the line. Most people who prefer this particular time for buying goods love to be part of a shopping group and to chat with everyone around. In fact, many hit the stores with family members and friends that they do not see very often. For some, this seemingly strange gathering has become a long-term tradition.
Play and Excitement
Shopping time is play time for the majority of women and for a growing number of men, studies show. There is nothing more exciting than hunting for the best deal out there. It is interesting to note that many people do it in a pack. They have a clearly set target and a well prepared strategy. When at the store, shoppers use a variety of mental and physical skills to achieve the target goal. This is extremely stimulating for both the mind and body. The rush of adrenaline is followed by a rush of excitement. The feeling of satisfaction is absolutely overwhelming.
There are also people who love the Black Friday because of the fight for the good deals. They like the tension and the aggression. They are prepared to use physical force and verbal abuse. They seem to be getting wild and feel that there are no rules. Fewer shoppers experience this kind of frenzy, but their number is growing.
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There are multiple layers to the psychology behind love for the Black Friday and they have varying levels of significance. Perhaps the most important fact is that more and more people take part in the shopping craze.
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