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 These days, computer science and programming are the priority areas for which many students choose to study abroad.

Educational institutions abroad offer students up-to-date programming courses that meet the latest industry trends and the real needs of students. In addition, the latest equipment and software is at the service of students.

Due to the popularity of computer education, programming programs are now offered at a huge number of universities and colleges abroad, so choosing the right course and institution can be difficult. We will tell you about several universities and courses that are among the best for studying programming abroad. The choice is yours!

Which university to study programming at?

You can get a degree in programming abroad at the undergraduate, master's or doctoral level by doing research in computer science. Here are a few of the foreign universities whose programming courses are noted internationally...

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

According to the QS ranking, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the best university in the world for computer science. It is one of the leading technical universities in the world, it has the highest academic ranking and prepares the most qualified specialists in programming, software development and computer sciences.

The Department of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science offers students the opportunity to study all aspects of programming and software development, including theory and practice. Students are trained here to work innovatively to develop advanced computer systems and effective programs that will empower users around the world. In doing so, students have the opportunity to conduct research using the latest equipment in several of the university's computer research laboratories.

Technical University of Munich (TU Munich), Germany

Technical University of Munich is considered one of the best universities in continental Europe for technical and computer education.

It offers degrees in computer science, electronic engineering, computer science and programming at the undergraduate, master's and doctoral levels. Academic courses provide study in the theory and practice of software development, while research courses lead to research activities in computer systems and programming.    

Imperial College London, UK

Founded more than 100 years ago, Imperial College London is one of the leading computer science colleges in the UK, offering students from all over the world a first-class education in the heart of London.

In four years of study, you can earn a Bachelor of Computer Science with a specialization in programming, software engineering or game and application development. An in-depth study of programming is offered in one-year master's programs. Master's courses include programming languages, Java, C++, logic, algorithms, software design and many other disciplines.

Tsinghua University, China

Tsinghua University is a huge institution of higher learning consisting of 19 schools and 55 departments in Beijing. It offers international students a wide variety of English-language programs and study in a rich multicultural environment.

The university is distinguished by its specialized Software Department, which offers undergraduate and graduate programs in IT, programming and software development. It also has an extensive research program, which allows international students to work on individual research projects in computer science and IT engineering.

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne ranks first among universities in  and Oceania in the study of programming and computer science.

The University's School of Computing and Information Systems allows students to study computer science, programming and IT at undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as pursue research degrees, do research, do internships at leading international companies and work on their own projects.

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